Energy Storage System Business
Lithium-ion battery is an energy storage device that can store a high volume of electric charge after electricity is used up. The Company has designed them to have outstanding properties enabling it to contain a high volume of energy, have a light weight and long useful life. Lithium-ion batteries of the Group not only have no chemicals which are hazardous to the environment, such as acid liquid or lead, the Company also have STOBA as components of lithium-ion battery to ensure higher safety during use by users, such as heat emitted during changer or explosion.

The Group is committed to developing and manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for diverse applications such as Electric automobiles and Energy storage systems (ESS) etc. which will benefit energy storage from renewable energy. To enhance competitiveness in the renewable energy business and to comply with the business operation policy of the Company’s Group, the Company invested in Amita Technologies Inc. (AMITA-Taiwan), a company incorporated under the law of Taiwan, the Republic of China (ROC) and listed on the Emerging Stock Market of the Stock Exchange of Taiwan to operate lithium-ion polymer battery development and manufacturing business. In addition, the Company has established a subsidiary, i.e., Amita Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to develop, manufacture, and distribute lithium-ion batteries.